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The first meeting, for all individuals 18 and older, will be with Dr. Etheridge. This is the time that we have the opportunity to talk about your care. Everyone brings their own unique experiences, goals, fears and desires to their first appointment. Whether it is simply “to get back on track”, or “I do not like my smile” or “my jaw hurts and I have headaches”. These are all differences that require us to listen and create a treatment plan that is individualized.

The first appointment is up to 120 minutes long and is our opportunity to gather important information. Again, the most important thing we start with is “what you want”. We will perform a complete examination of your teeth, gums, lips, cheeks, tongue, jaw joint, muscles and your bone levels. We will review your medical history, check blood pressure, and discuss any concerns or fears associated with treatment. In order to perform an adequate examination we might require taking digital x-rays, photographs and sometimes making stone models of your teeth.

Once we have all the information gathered, that is when Dr. Etheridge will help create a Comprehensive Treatment Plan, tailored to your exact needs and desires.

The Review of Findings Consultation

Dr. Etheridge feels that it is sometimes necessary to have a second appointment with new patients. If this is necessary, it typically lasts about 40 minutes, and is at no additional cost to the patient. Often, when creating a Comprehensive Treatment Plan, there will be several different options for patients to select from, to get to their desired goal. Dr. Etheridge will often encourage a new patient to bring their spouse or significant other to this appointment. Your plan will show a step by step approach to completion of goals, it will show the costs associated with each step and we will discuss the timing of treatments. This all occurs before any preventive or restorative care has been provided.

Dr. Etheridge feels that it is imperative that you fully understand your current level of health and what it will take get to your desired goal. Please contact our office (269) 968-9121 and reserve your New Patient Comprehensive Examination with Dr. Etheridge.

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We understand your need to receive treatment in an environment that makes you feel comfortable, safe, welcome and relaxing. We look forward to getting to know you and your whole family!

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