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Andrea Reznik Johnson

Andrea Reznik Johnson

I became a patient at Etheridge Dentistry a few years ago after my Dentist and I retired after 30 years in dental practice. Dr. Etheridge and the staff represent everything I was looking for in a dental office. The relaxed but professional atmosphere is outstanding. I couldn’t be happier in finding the right fit for me at Etheridge Dentistry in Battle Creek, even driving from Paw Paw is worth it!

Laura Hollander dental testimonial

Laura Hollander

If you are looking for a dentist in the Battle Creek area, I highly recommend Etheridge Dentistry. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Etheridge and his staff. Their office is clean and modern, and they are all professional and great with my kids as well. I just received a hand-written card in the mail for my daughter Gretta, wishing her well after her broken arm. Dr. Etheridge has an amazing bedside manner which is a huge plus if you have anxiety at the dentist.

Laura Frye White dental testimonial

Laura Frye White

Being a Registered Dental Hygienist myself, I know good dentistry when I see it and Etheridge Dentistry delivers! The staff is great, educated and friendly. Dr. Kip is awesome and knows his dentistry and spends time with you and I didn’t feel like he was rushed in any way and answered all my questions. I am glad I found his office.

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I have been a patient of Dr. Kip Etheridge for over 10 years. Dr. Kip and Renae have done an amazing job setting the tone for the office to ensure that all patients receive personalized care in a friendly and caring atmosphere. Etheridge Dentistry is a really special place. Dr. Kip demonstrates empathy and gentleness when performing my dental procedures and makes special accommodations for me to ensure my comfort. I know that he utilizes the latest technology in his practice and he keeps current on the latest developments in dental care through continuing education.

What I appreciate most about Dr. Kip Etheridge is that he calls me personally to follow up after procedures and this is a level of care and concern that is rare in the medical field. I always feel welcome when I arrive, everyone treats me like I am a member of their family.

Dave Powell

Dr. Kip Etheridge has been my Dentist for 9 years. He is personable, considerate, and I feel he truly cares about me and my family. The staff is absolutely fantastic, they are all very caring individuals and they personally touched my heart when I received a card when I lost my grandmother. It’s so nice of him to always ask about my family.

Dr. Kip has an excellent reputation in the community, he is not just a great Dentist; he is a great family man. I trust him fully to guide me in the right direction to attain great dental health. I am always happy to recommend him to others because I know they will receive exceptional care from the entire team at Etheridge Dentistry.

Wendy Heppe

Dr. Kip Etheridge has a very pleasant and comforting demeanor. I have been a patient for over 16 years now and I knew I liked him from the moment we met. He spends time to get to know his patients and it is fun to share our interest of golf together. He’s not all business all the time, which I appreciate. The staff always provides a warm and friendly greeting and I always feel welcome. The hygienists are pleasant and the entire staff is wonderful, they make me feel like a family member.

Dr. Kip goes above and beyond to provide exceptional service. When my aunt who is in her 90’s needed some dental care, he went to the care facility that she was at to help her. His crowns and fillings have all been great and he takes the time to personally call to follow up after a procedure to ensure everything is going well. I am very happy to have him as my Dentist.

Bobbie Thompson

I have been a patient of Dr. Kip Etheridge since he started his practice. Dr. Kip has provided me with an excellent treatment plan that takes into consideration my overall health not just my dental health. He takes the time to get to know you and he is a wonderful listener. It is so easy to talk to him and share how you are feeling. Dr. Kip and his staff truly care about their patients.

The staff is very nice, friendly and caring. It is especially nice to see how much Renae takes a special interest in getting to know the patients and making them feel like they are part of their family. She is also very good at staying on top of things to keep an orderly office.

Dr. Kip always extends such warm compassion and empathy while he is performing a procedure, he continually checks with me to ensure my comfort. His approach to dentistry is not clinical, I never feel like he is in it to just make money. I am happy to give my highest recommendation for Dr. Kip, Renae, and the entire staff.

Linda Mellen

Dr. Kip Etheridge is more than just my Dentist, he is a friend that cares about his patients beyond just treating their dental needs. For over 16 years, Dr. Kip has taken excellent care of my dental health and furthermore he has set me on the path to improved overall health. I appreciate how thorough he is in explaining my dental treatment options and answering all my questions. He provides his recommendations in a straight forward and encouraging style.

The staff is professional, personable, and passionate about what they do. They always greet me with a friendly welcome, and I feel at home while at his office. Dr. Kip’s extensive training and expertise are reflected in his credentials. I support his vision and I value his commitment to providing a professional and proficient practice.

Dr. Kip loves people and takes an interest in every individual. He has established a culture for his team that reflects the highest professional standards. I have referred my entire family to him and I will continue to recommend him to others.

Dr. Mark McCullough

I have been a patient of Dr. Kip Etheridge for almost 13 years. I have always been fearful of going to the dentist and he has helped me overcome the anxiousness and fear of the pain through his gentle and caring demeanor. He is an expert at reading body language and engages with me every step of the way to ensure I am comfortable. Knowing that I have anxiety and fears, Dr. Kip is so conscientious about what I can see him doing as he is about to conduct certain parts of the procedure. As a result of his compassionate care with me, I had the confidence to begin bringing my children to receive his care and so he can help educate them at an early stage in life on the importance of dental health.

Everyone on the staff is so helpful and friendly and they all take the time to make me feel comfortable and relaxed at my visit. I highly recommend Dr. Kip and his team to anyone that feels a level of fear with dentistry because I know he will take great care of you.

Rebecca Longcore

Dr. Kip Etheridge is a wonderful Dentist that has helped ease my anxiety with going to the dentist. What I appreciate most about Dr. Kip is his genuine interest in me as a person. He always takes the time to explain all the details of my procedure in the simplest way and answers complex questions to the degree that ensures I understand.

Dr. Kip is always in tune with how I am feeling throughout my visit, he even recognized that I was practicing a specific breathing relaxation technique and that impressed me because it demonstrated just how much he was focused on me and my continued comfort. He works at my pace not his own. He gives me his undivided attention and stays with me throughout my entire visit, he doesn’t go from room to room, he is truly focused on me and my appointment time with him. He always does whatever it takes to ensure my total comfort and his staff is very nice, friendly and caring. They always make me feel welcome and well cared for.

Lance Emery

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